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Are my investments aligned with my values?

Is your portfolio aligned with your values? Wouldn’t it be nice if your portfolio was aligned with the principles you care about most? Here at 4:8 Financial, we have a tool that allows us to tailor your investments to your values. Introducing the Resonate Score™, combining personal convictions and statistical precision for faith-based investors like never before. 

Client Centered

The Resonate Score™ algorithm uses customizable inputs that are directed by you regarding which faith-based screening criterion to include or exclude from the calculation.

You may identify positive criteria that you want to support in your portfolio, as well as negative criteria that you want to exclude or suppress from your investment accounts. You can also decide the relative severity of those issues, ranking them in order of importance.

The Resonate Score™ takes into consideration all instances of those positive and negative criteria, as well as the severity of that criterion, and produces a consistent metric that allows faith-based investors to compare the relative alignment of an entire universe of stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs with their convictions quickly and easily. 

What is your Resonate Score

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